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I grew up in Hong Kong and moved to Boston in November of 2019. I have worked a lot in VFX and 3D Animation in my past but have moved on to working more on Cinematography, Directing, and Producing. 

Recently, my interests as a filmmaker have been in creating a safe and welcoming working environment for projects that I am producing. All of the films I have produced so far have had a central goal of offering opportunities to communities that are underrepresented. As I continue to produce more projects, I hope to employ new tactics to create environments that are safe and respectful, where creatives from different backgrounds are able to voice their opinions and participate.

3D (Blender)

Motion Graphics (After Effects)

Animation (Blender and After Effects)

Rotoscoping and Compositing (After Effects)

Production Management

- Development (Script Breakdowns, Assembling Pitch Deck, Fundraising)

- Preproduction (Assembling cast and crew)


Director of Photography and 1st AC.

- Sony A7 Series

- Canon C300

- Arri Alexa Plus 43

- 16mm Bolex

Gaff and Grip:

Arri Tungstens


Aperture Lightstorm

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